House Vinaigrette {dijon vinaigrette}

A few years ago, upon relocation to Paris, I began ingesting a lot of salads. It was just easy. It was hot, I lived by myself (well, with Pug, of course) and at… Continue reading

Muffy’s Delicious Legacy {buttermilk cake}

I’ve heard sillier grandmother names in my day. There is a group of names that resembles the clearing of a throat: Goggy comes to mind. There are of course the Mimis and Nanas… Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different {cauliflower curry}

Until this weekend, I hadn’t cooked a meal in my kitchen in eight whole days. It wasn’t intentional – a combination of guests, work, travel and the Third Annual Home Office Christmas Party… Continue reading

Edible Dowry {pimiento cheese}

I’m not particularly old-fashioned about anything. I enjoy rights such as: voting. I am pleased that I bring home my fair share of the bacon (both literally and figuratively) and believe in the… Continue reading

Pasta – Prostitute Style {pasta puttanesca}

I’ve been wracking my brain for some time now trying to create a clever reference to Italian ladies of the night to kick off this post but I’m not getting anywhere. I started… Continue reading