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Don’t Forget About Breakfast {coffee cake}

I eat breakfast everyday. Sometimes more than once. Many of my meals contain the words “first” or “second” in front of them. For example, “for first breakfast I had a granola bar and… Continue reading

Follow the Yellow Brick Road {lemon bars}

Lemon bars: the closest thing to sour candy that I can make in my house and one of my favorite treats to boot. Look at those little gooey golden tiles – lighting up… Continue reading

Throwback {spritz cookies}

Remember a simpler time? When recipes were written on index cards, when MCI was a valid long-distance carrier, when long-distance calls were a thing, when manufacturers signaled an innovative item by adding the… Continue reading

Edible Dowry {pimiento cheese}

I’m not particularly old-fashioned about anything. I enjoy rights such as: voting. I am pleased that I bring home my fair share of the bacon (both literally and figuratively) and believe in the… Continue reading

Georgia’s Finest {pecan bars}

Sometimes I don’t know how I feel about my home state of Georgia. I think as far as states go, the name is one of my favorites (I just typed “flavorite” and yes,… Continue reading