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Cruel Summer {grilled shrimp tacos}

Have I mentioned I’m in a panic as summer is drawing to a close? Granted, it’s still going to be hot here for another 6 weeks, but rather than focusing on the glorious… Continue reading

Butt {pork carnitas}

“Butt” was on the list of words we weren’t allowed to say growing up. We could say “bottom” or “fanny,” but “butt” was off-limits. We had to say things like “fluff” or “poot”… Continue reading

Enchiladas a la Donna {chicken enchiladas}

I may be overstepping my familial boundaries with this post, but I’m taking the liberty of sharing my in-laws chicken enchiladas with you all. They’re not just any enchiladas either; these are Christmas… Continue reading

Freak Nasty {tavern spinach dip}

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes. I CAN relate every recipe to a late 20th century rap/hip-hop classic (and I use the term classic with much self-satisfied head-nodding). Because,… Continue reading

Es Sopa, Cabron {tortilla soup}

So, the soup wars continue. Score? Me: 2, husband: 0. Why? Because I make delicious food, that’s why.┬áIt usually goes like this: Him: What’s for dinner? Me: Tortilla soup. Him: What? Yuck. Will… Continue reading