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Daddy’s Little Grill {barbecue sauce}

My mom gets a lot of credit on this blog for being the reason that I enjoy cooking so much – and that credit is well-placed. I was cooking in the kitchen as… Continue reading

Magic Mushrooms {mushroom ragu}

Y’all know that I work hard to come up with good vegetarian things to eat on the regular. The impetus for this wasn’t because I was harboring PETA-esque guilt (although I might be… Continue reading

Haters {cilantro pesto}

Before Porsche Foxx was fired, rehired and fired again from V-103 (the People’s Station) for allegedly possessing drugs and whatnot, she was sure to share her mantra with her loyal listeners on a… Continue reading

Peru Is So Hot Right Now {peruvian chicken, beans and rice}

Contrary to popular belief (mine), there is more to Peru than colorful ponchos and ancient civilizations. Evidently, Peru has recently become the next big thing in food. Ferran AdriĆ , king of all things… Continue reading

Steak and Potatoes {flank steak}

Steak and potatoes is such an all-American meal. Unless it’s steak frites, in which case it’s all-French. Both are sublime if you’re a carnivore – which I am – and so last night’s… Continue reading