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“Recipe” {lavosh}

And I use the term “recipe” loosely here because really, there’s nothing to this. I debated even posting it because it’s so simple but then I realized that really has nothing to do… Continue reading

Towanda {fried green tomatoes}

July has been a pretty busy month. I’ve been in six different states – mostly at all different times – and spent a good week and a half out of the office resting… Continue reading

On Shrimp and Fate {shrimp marinade}

I believe that some people are dropped into the middle of your life by a higher power. Maybe it’s God. Maybe it’s your mom. Who knows? But one such person was placed in… Continue reading

Just A Thought {bruschetta}

Sometimes I hope to impart great knowledge and useful skills onto those of you in cyberspace who swing by the ole blog. Sometimes I just want to remind you of something delicious and… Continue reading

Freak Nasty {tavern spinach dip}

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes. I CAN relate every recipe to a late 20th century rap/hip-hop classic (and I use the term classic with much self-satisfied head-nodding). Because,… Continue reading