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Molly Had A Little Lamb {Greek lamb stew}

I get pretty excited when I try out a new recipe that is so good it makes its way directly into the rotation. This doesn’t happen a lot, and more often than not,… Continue reading

Jokes and Shrimps {shrimp fried rice}

I am aware that my last two posts have involved shrimp; I swear that we cook other things around here. But it’s not lost on me that perhaps I should revisit the theme… Continue reading

I Hate Fennel {baked shrimp with feta}

I like being surprised when I cook. Well, surprised in a good way. I like to discover a new trick or a shortcut or a new flavor that I didn’t realize I was… Continue reading

Pork Justice {Thai pork salad}

For many people, the words “pork” and “salad” don’t really go together. Not for me. When I got to our local burrito place, I always get a salad with their southwestern-inspired pulled pork… Continue reading

Hot Pockets {ratatouille calzones}

As a big fan of Jim Gaffigan, I immediately think of this whenever I hear the words “hot pocket.” It’s definitely worth watching although I’m a bit nervous that you may not actually… Continue reading