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Enchiladas a la Donna {chicken enchiladas}

I may be overstepping my familial boundaries with this post, but I’m taking the liberty of sharing my in-laws chicken enchiladas with you all. They’re not just any enchiladas either; these are Christmas… Continue reading

Tasty Tedium {fresh tomato pasta}

I’m probably about 3 months early in sharing this recipe with you, considering that it’s not quite tomato season in our backyards, but there have been some good-looking Roma’s at the market lately… Continue reading

The Awakening {falafel}

I have some very vivid food memories under my belt – moments where I remember eating something for the first time. And not just because so often it was a traumatic experience (those… Continue reading

Last Night a Breadcrumb Saved My Life {pasta with shrimp}

The humble breadcrumb. Oftentimes relegated to the third in a three-step breading process or the tie that binds a meatloaf. Until recently, I had no idea a breadcrumb could affect me so deeply.… Continue reading

Pizza Redux {pizza}

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but pizza – especially pizza dough – has hired a publicist and is making the rounds (I wasted no time getting to that pun). It’s everywhere right… Continue reading