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Mmm Mmm Good {sausage and lentil soup}

I love soup. I have said it before and I will say it again. Soup is fantastic. It’s almost magical. You put a bunch of stuff in a pot and add liquid and… Continue reading

Sexy Beast {red wine pot roast}

Pot roast is the sweat suit of the culinary world: comfortable, doesn’t really take much thought to throw it on, and at times, just sort of sad. But this recipe for pot roast… Continue reading

Gateway Fish {baked grouper}

Many people get a bit nervous when it comes to cooking fish at home. There’s the innate fishiness of it all – the smell, the deboning and scales that give some pause. Then… Continue reading

Some Pig {roasted pork loin}

We had dinner at a friend’s house the other evening and were served a delicious pork loin. I have been eating pork tenderloin just about weekly since elementary school but pork loin is… Continue reading

Steak and Potatoes {flank steak}

Steak and potatoes is such an all-American meal. Unless it’s steak frites, in which case it’s all-French. Both are sublime if you’re a carnivore – which I am – and so last night’s… Continue reading