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The Root of the Root {vegetable beef soup}

66 years ago today my mom was born and this is the tenth year I’ll be celebrating her birthday without her. In every single way I credit her with giving me my love… Continue reading

Butter. Nut. {butternut squash risotto}

Squash. Like squash your dreams of me telling you that this recipe was all butter and nuts. If you want that, see desserts comma pecan bars. This recipe is good though. Very good. And… Continue reading

Es Sopa, Cabron {tortilla soup}

So, the soup wars continue. Score? Me: 2, husband: 0. Why? Because I make delicious food, that’s why. It usually goes like this: Him: What’s for dinner? Me: Tortilla soup. Him: What? Yuck. Will… Continue reading

Blasphemy {pasta bolognese}

Ok, so I’m not Italian. I’m not really much of anything – very mutt-like, indeed. As with most white folks I run across, I’ve been told I’m Scotch-Irish. As far as I know,… Continue reading

On the Lam(b) {lamb burgers}

I’m lucky enough to have a 9 to 5 that I really like. I feel good about the work I do, I enjoy the people I work with and feel like I’m half… Continue reading