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Choppin’ Broccoli {broccoli pasta}

As is the case with many in my generation, I have had the great opportunity to travel, study and live abroad in my not-so-long-life. My first trip off the continent was when I… Continue reading

Pump Up the Jam(balaya) {jambalaya}

Nothing like a little Technotronic¬†for you first thing in the morning. That song has me itching to head to Skate Inn East on Friday night for some awkward middle school socializing. Unfortunately for… Continue reading

The Bastardization of Goulash {goulash}

Or the stealthy preparation of beefy mac, a play in three acts. I can’t even front that this meal is remotely authentic in any way. It’s probably more closely related to a box… Continue reading

Going Back To Cauli {roasted cauliflower soup}

Or, if you prefer, we could also entitle this, “I’m goin’ goin’ back back to Cauli Cauli.” Either is fine by me – I’m fans of both Ladies Love Cool James and Big… Continue reading

Sometimes Kids, Cheaters Do Win {coq au vin}

So maybe it’s not the lesson you really want to pass along to your offspring, but at the same time, it’s true. There are times, including the obvious political scenarios and occasional ACC… Continue reading