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Confessions, Part II {chicken paprikash}

What I am about to admit upsets me. First of all, I’m a hypocrite (that’s not what upsets me – I’m fine with that). I spend a good deal of my time with… Continue reading

Winner Winner {fried chicken}

Hi there. Remember me? I sometimes like to cook and take pictures of my food when I’m actually in my kitchen, which, these days, is not often. I provide you with inspiration for… Continue reading

Coming to Terms with Mayonnaise {curried chicken salad}

I come from a long line of mayonnaise enthusiasts. In college at one of my favorite delis, my dad would order what we would lovingly call “the mayonnaise sampler” – chicken salad, egg… Continue reading

Enchiladas a la Donna {chicken enchiladas}

I may be overstepping my familial boundaries with this post, but I’m taking the liberty of sharing my in-laws chicken enchiladas with you all. They’re not just any enchiladas either; these are Christmas… Continue reading

Peru Is So Hot Right Now {peruvian chicken, beans and rice}

Contrary to popular belief (mine), there is more to Peru than colorful ponchos and ancient civilizations. Evidently, Peru has recently become the next big thing in food. Ferran AdriĆ , king of all things… Continue reading