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Pump Up the Jam(balaya) {jambalaya}

Nothing like a little Technotronic¬†for you first thing in the morning. That song has me itching to head to Skate Inn East on Friday night for some awkward middle school socializing. Unfortunately for… Continue reading

Sometimes Kids, Cheaters Do Win {coq au vin}

So maybe it’s not the lesson you really want to pass along to your offspring, but at the same time, it’s true. There are times, including the obvious political scenarios and occasional ACC… Continue reading

May The Chicken Be Ever In Your Kitchen {chicken and yellow rice}

Mama G became known as Mama G for a reason. Essentially, she ran a soup kitchen/boarding house for the neighborhood(s) in which we lived and welcomed the latest “can we keep her?” friend… Continue reading

Leave a Message at the SQUAWK {chicken piccatta}

When I was about 10 years old, I spent a couple weeks with my cousin at their family’s lake house in Canada. He and I are very similar – in fact, my friends… Continue reading

The Benefits of Prison {skillet chicken with olives}

I’ve never actually been to prison. I’ve been near a prison and know that I only live about 4 miles away from one, but I can imagine that if you really do it… Continue reading