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Jokes and Shrimps {shrimp fried rice}

I am aware that my last two posts have involved shrimp; I swear that we cook other things around here. But it’s not lost on me that perhaps I should revisit the theme… Continue reading

Carolina Yacht Club Salad {salad with fried green tomatoes, shrimp and corn}

I’ve mentioned my job before on the blog. It’s a pretty good one. Aside from meeting and getting to know some pretty cool people, one of the best perks is that I get… Continue reading

I Hate Fennel {baked shrimp with feta}

I like being surprised when I cook. Well, surprised in a good way. I like to discover a new trick or a shortcut or a new flavor that I didn’t realize I was… Continue reading

Cruel Summer {grilled shrimp tacos}

Have I mentioned I’m in a panic as summer is drawing to a close? Granted, it’s still going to be hot here for another 6 weeks, but rather than focusing on the glorious… Continue reading

On Shrimp and Fate {shrimp marinade}

I believe that some people are dropped into the middle of your life by a higher power. Maybe it’s God. Maybe it’s your mom. Who knows? But one such person was placed in… Continue reading