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Spicy Skrimpses {cajun shrimp}

Me and shrimps didn’t used to get along.  For a long time, the only interaction I had with them was trying to hook them live in order to end up with a larger,… Continue reading

You Never Sausage a Place {beef stroganoff}

There’s a magical place in south Georgia where our family has been stopping for years as we burn up the asphalt along the Georgia-Florida Parkway.  We measured the distance from our doorstep to… Continue reading

Anti-Aubergine/Pro-Ratatouille: a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma? {ratatouille}

This is a new blog post: true confessions-style. I need to air some dirty laundry and come clean about a few things. I’m sure there will still be some secrets that arise throughout… Continue reading

Leave a Message at the SQUAWK {chicken piccatta}

When I was about 10 years old, I spent a couple weeks with my cousin at their family’s lake house in Canada. He and I are very similar – in fact, my friends… Continue reading

The Benefits of Prison {skillet chicken with olives}

I’ve never actually been to prison. I’ve been near a prison and know that I only live about 4 miles away from one, but I can imagine that if you really do it… Continue reading