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Quin-wha? {quinoa bake}

I know I know, all of my posts start this way… “I remember the first time I…” But it’s true. I have a lot of food memories. In fact, I think they’re a… Continue reading

Winner Winner {fried chicken}

Hi there. Remember me? I sometimes like to cook and take pictures of my food when I’m actually in my kitchen, which, these days, is not often. I provide you with inspiration for… Continue reading

Veggies and Cream {zucchini and asparagus tagliatelle}

Our household isn’t big on cream sauces. It’s not because we don’t like cream – it’s not that at all. I have been known to pocket the individual creamers from restaurants for the… Continue reading

One Fish, Two Fish {blackened grouper}

Red fish, black fish. Grouper. Blackened black grouper to be exact. I’m always looking for new ways to cook fish at home and it occurred to me that I had been forgetting a… Continue reading

Towanda {fried green tomatoes}

July has been a pretty busy month. I’ve been in six different states – mostly at all different times – and spent a good week and a half out of the office resting… Continue reading