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Edible Dowry {pimiento cheese}

I’m not particularly old-fashioned about anything. I enjoy rights such as: voting. I am pleased that I bring home my fair share of the bacon (both literally and figuratively) and believe in the… Continue reading

My Baby’s Got Sauce {tzatziki}

I live in a house with a person obsessed with dips and sauces. At times, I am done eating before some people have even fully outfitted their meal with the appropriate combination of… Continue reading

Spicy Skrimpses {cajun shrimp}

Me and shrimps didn’t used to get along. ¬†For a long time, the only interaction I had with them was trying to hook them live in order to end up with a larger,… Continue reading

Setting Up for Success {hummus}

With my job, I end up leaving town several times a month, generally not longer for 2-3 nights but long enough for my husband to develop hypertension through his consumption of Voila. ¬†There… Continue reading