Georgia’s Finest {pecan bars}

Sometimes I don’t know how I feel about my home state of Georgia. I think as far as states go, the name is one of my favorites (I just typed “flavorite” and yes,… Continue reading

Leave a Message at the SQUAWK {chicken piccatta}

When I was about 10 years old, I spent a couple weeks with my cousin at their family’s lake house in Canada. He and I are very similar – in fact, my friends… Continue reading

The Benefits of Prison {skillet chicken with olives}

I’ve never actually been to prison. I’ve been near a prison and know that I only live about 4 miles away from one, but I can imagine that if you really do it… Continue reading

Nice Tatas {frittata}

I realize that the word frittata is super ridiculous. There is a macho-bias against egg dishes in general (see: quiche) but seriously, you have to like a frittata. There’s an entire nation that… Continue reading

This is Top Chef, not Top Scallops {seared scallops}

Oh Fabio Viviani, you sassy Italian chef you, with your adorable quips and charming ways. For those of you who don’t generally memorize television episodes that you’ve seen once, this particular quote appeared… Continue reading