I Hate Fennel {baked shrimp with feta}

I like being surprised when I cook. Well, surprised in a good way. I like to discover a new trick or a shortcut or a new flavor that I didn’t realize I was… Continue reading

Pork Justice {Thai pork salad}

For many people, the words “pork” and “salad” don’t really go together. Not for me. When I got to our local burrito place, I always get a salad with their southwestern-inspired pulled pork… Continue reading

NPR Pie {citrus custard pie}

I think most of you know that I am an NPR junkie. Which is relatively ironic. I remember as a child being in the car on road trips (usually for one of my… Continue reading

Elbow Grease {macaroni and cheese}

Oh, hey. I’m back for my monthly blog post. I’ve gotten really bad about this, haven’t I? You’re probably not even there anymore, come to think of it. I think I can hear… Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Grill {barbecue sauce}

My mom gets a lot of credit on this blog for being the reason that I enjoy cooking so much – and that credit is well-placed. I was cooking in the kitchen as… Continue reading