One Fish, Two Fish {blackened grouper}

Red fish, black fish. Grouper. Blackened black grouper to be exact. I’m always looking for new ways to cook fish at home and it occurred to me that I had been forgetting a… Continue reading

Portable Food {kale salad}

According to truck commercials and the weatherman’s commentary, this weekend will be filled with picnics commemorating the end of summer. As such, I want to make sure each of you is prepared to… Continue reading

Cruel Summer {grilled shrimp tacos}

Have I mentioned I’m in a panic as summer is drawing to a close? Granted, it’s still going to be hot here for another 6 weeks, but rather than focusing on the glorious… Continue reading

“Recipe” {lavosh}

And I use the term “recipe” loosely here because really, there’s nothing to this. I debated even posting it because it’s so simple but then I realized that really has nothing to do… Continue reading

Shucka Corn {grilled corn salad}

Without fail, every time I am doing anything involving corn, I sing the words “shucka corn” to this. I knew that there was some soulful harmonica action happening in that tune but I… Continue reading