Ay, There’s the Rub {bbq dry rub}

For some reason, in AP English senior year, we had to memorize Hamlet’s soliloquy. I’m not opposed to memorizing things, but I’m really not sure what the point of us doing it was.… Continue reading

Quin-wha? {quinoa bake}

I know I know, all of my posts start this way… “I remember the first time I…” But it’s true. I have a lot of food memories. In fact, I think they’re a… Continue reading

Winner Winner {fried chicken}

Hi there. Remember me? I sometimes like to cook and take pictures of my food when I’m actually in my kitchen, which, these days, is not often. I provide you with inspiration for… Continue reading

Side Piece {roasted broccoli}

I never really understood why broccoli gets such a bad rap. Of all of the vegetables out there, there are at least three others that are far worse than broccoli: beets (which are… Continue reading

Veggies and Cream {zucchini and asparagus tagliatelle}

Our household isn’t big on cream sauces. It’s not because we don’t like cream – it’s not that at all. I have been known to pocket the individual creamers from restaurants for the… Continue reading