Some Pig {roasted pork loin}

We had dinner at a friend’s house the other evening and were served a delicious pork loin. I have been eating pork tenderloin just about weekly since elementary school but pork loin is… Continue reading

More Fun? {blondies}

It’s a toss-up. As a brunette, I like to think that I have a reasonable amount of fun but often find myself wondering if those blondes out there are really enjoying life more… Continue reading

Steak and Potatoes {flank steak}

Steak and potatoes is such an all-American meal. Unless it’s steak frites, in which case it’s all-French. Both are sublime if you’re a carnivore – which I am – and so last night’s… Continue reading

Choppin’ Broccoli {broccoli pasta}

As is the case with many in my generation, I have had the great opportunity to travel, study and live abroad in my not-so-long-life. My first trip off the continent was when I… Continue reading

Pump Up the Jam(balaya) {jambalaya}

Nothing like a little Technotronic¬†for you first thing in the morning. That song has me itching to head to Skate Inn East on Friday night for some awkward middle school socializing. Unfortunately for… Continue reading