Eat Your Carrots {carrot cupcakes}

I’m not a big fan of carrots. I don’t enjoy dipping them raw into things or eating them cooked beside things. In my estimation, one should never really know that one is eating… Continue reading

Peru Is So Hot Right Now {peruvian chicken, beans and rice}

Contrary to popular belief (mine), there is more to Peru than colorful ponchos and ancient civilizations. Evidently, Peru has recently become the next big thing in food. Ferran AdriĆ , king of all things… Continue reading

Fuel {grilled shrimp and tabbouleh}

This may be unorthodox, but up until recently, I believed that I ran my best on a pre-half-marathon dinner of burritos deluxe from our favorite Mexican spot. Not only did I not have… Continue reading

3.14 (159265) {cherry pie}

Happy Pi day! I love the date and its mathy reference and of course, in honor of pi day, I made a cherry pie. Clever, huh? I certainly thought so. I’m sure no… Continue reading

An Excuse for Bacon {scallops and pureed sweet potatoes}

When I can’t think of something that I want to cook, I’ll generally think back over the last few weeks or months at a good meal that I ate somewhere and try to… Continue reading