Not-So-Secret Weapon {chicken stock}

I’ve never been a huge fan of new year’s resolutions. I have mentioned in the past that I prefer mid-year resolutions. There’s a lot less pressure involved and if you stumble or even… Continue reading

Let Me Eat Cake {yellow cake with caramel frosting}

I used to work in an independent school in town. It was a rewarding job filled with cute middle schoolers desperately trying to survive their awkward years and high schoolers testing their boundaries… Continue reading

The Bastardization of Goulash {goulash}

Or the stealthy preparation of beefy mac, a play in three acts. I can’t even front that this meal is remotely authentic in any way. It’s probably more closely related to a box… Continue reading

Happy New Year! {collard greens}

I love greens. Love. In high school, I would eat them for a snack when I got home from soccer practice. When I left for college, I took cans of Sunshine Turnip Greens… Continue reading

Going Back To Cauli {roasted cauliflower soup}

Or, if you prefer, we could also entitle this, “I’m goin’ goin’ back back to Cauli Cauli.” Either is fine by me – I’m fans of both Ladies Love Cool James and Big… Continue reading