Seldom does a week pass without one of two things happening:  either I can’t think of anything to make for dinner or someone emails me for a recipe.  And so, I’ve created a blog to address both issues.  Now I’ll have an archive of what I’ve recently cooked (and whether or not we liked it) and I can also share recipes with friends and family who seek counsel.

A few disclaimers:  I work full-time and travel quite a bit.  Don’t expect any homemade cheese-making or a whole pig roast.  I still have a lot to learn and tend not to measure very well – so take every grain of salt with a grain of salt.

Finally, jokes and snacks is a common phrase tossed around among my two best friends and me – pioneered in Negril, Jamaica by Maggie.  When I become famous, Maggie deserves all the credit.  And with that…

Jokes and snacks,