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Pork Justice {Thai pork salad}

For many people, the words “pork” and “salad” don’t really go together. Not for me. When I got to our local burrito place, I always get a salad with their southwestern-inspired pulled pork… Continue reading

Sunday Supper {spaghetti and meatballs}

A few years back, my oldest and best childhood friend moved to Atlanta. She had gone to college here so it was a temporary homecoming of sorts, but it was the first time… Continue reading

Butt {pork carnitas}

“Butt” was on the list of words we weren’t allowed to say growing up. We could say “bottom” or “fanny,” but “butt” was off-limits. We had to say things like “fluff” or “poot”… Continue reading

An Excuse for Bacon {scallops and pureed sweet potatoes}

When I can’t think of something that I want to cook, I’ll generally think back over the last few weeks or months at a good meal that I ate somewhere and try to… Continue reading

Some Pig {roasted pork loin}

We had dinner at a friend’s house the other evening and were served a delicious pork loin. I have been eating pork tenderloin just about weekly since elementary school but pork loin is… Continue reading