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Shucka Corn {grilled corn salad}

Without fail, every time I am doing anything involving corn, I sing the words “shucka corn” to this. I knew that there was some soulful harmonica action happening in that tune but I… Continue reading

On Shrimp and Fate {shrimp marinade}

I believe that some people are dropped into the middle of your life by a higher power. Maybe it’s God. Maybe it’s your mom. Who knows? But one such person was placed in… Continue reading

When is a Berry not a Berry? {wheatberry salad}

When it’s a wheat berry! I’ve already written the word “berry” so many times this morning that it doesn’t look like a word anymore. But it is! It’s a real word and a… Continue reading

Coming to Terms with Mayonnaise {curried chicken salad}

I come from a long line of mayonnaise enthusiasts. In college at one of my favorite delis, my dad would order what we would lovingly call “the mayonnaise sampler” – chicken salad, egg… Continue reading