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Eat Your Carrots {carrot cupcakes}

I’m not a big fan of carrots. I don’t enjoy dipping them raw into things or eating them cooked beside things. In my estimation, one should never really know that one is eating… Continue reading

3.14 (159265) {cherry pie}

Happy Pi day! I love the date and its mathy reference and of course, in honor of pi day, I made a cherry pie. Clever, huh? I certainly thought so. I’m sure no… Continue reading

Texas Sheet Cake {chocolate cake}

This is another one from the vault. A recipe that’s been in our family for so long that I can’t remember the first time I had it or I made it. It always… Continue reading

More Fun? {blondies}

It’s a toss-up. As a brunette, I like to think that I have a reasonable amount of fun but often find myself wondering if those blondes out there are really enjoying life more… Continue reading

Let Me Eat Cake {yellow cake with caramel frosting}

I used to work in an independent school in town. It was a rewarding job filled with cute middle schoolers desperately trying to survive their awkward years and high schoolers testing their boundaries… Continue reading