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Tiny Pies {cherry hand pies}

It’s very well-known that I enjoy individually sized things. In fact, my sister even managed to work that into her toast at our rehearsal dinner. It’s why I like airplane food so much.… Continue reading

Emergency Dessert {blueberry and peach cobbler}

I wasn’t planning on blogging about this. I got a wild hair on Saturday and decided that my peaches were on the way from ripe to sad and that I needed to do… Continue reading

Poundcake {glazed lime poundcake}

Around these parts, I’m known for a few things. I am the white girl who walks the pug around the block. I am the lady who gets into her car from the passenger’s… Continue reading

I’m In Love With A Cookie {chocolate chip cookies}

Until just last month I don’t think I’d ever had a chocolate chip cookie before. I mean REALLY HAD a chocolate chip cookie. You know – in the biblical sense. I didn’t even… Continue reading

Follow the Yellow Brick Road {lemon bars}

Lemon bars: the closest thing to sour candy that I can make in my house and one of my favorite treats to boot. Look at those little gooey golden tiles – lighting up… Continue reading