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Tasty Tedium {fresh tomato pasta}

I’m probably about 3 months early in sharing this recipe with you, considering that it’s not quite tomato season in our backyards, but there have been some good-looking Roma’s at the market lately… Continue reading

T-Flo Strikes Again {pasta with sausage, mushrooms and artichokes}

There are a handful of Food Network personalities/celebrity chefs/chefletes that I inherently trust. They are not Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray or really anyone who has won a reality show to have a sandwich/$10… Continue reading

Soupersonic {roasted tomato soup}

We’re J.J. Fad and we’re here to rock. In case you weren’t into female hip-hop bands in the late 80’s, and I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be,¬†Supersonic¬†was the first rap song I ever… Continue reading

Do You Like Fish Sticks? Hmmm, Kanye? {roasted fish with artichokes}

After two nights of dinner out – pizza and hamburgers like the two teenage boys we are – last night we were back on track like elitist liberal yupsters and decided to cook… Continue reading