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May The Chicken Be Ever In Your Kitchen {chicken and yellow rice}

Mama G became known as Mama G for a reason. Essentially, she ran a soup kitchen/boarding house for the neighborhood(s) in which we lived and welcomed the latest “can we keep her?” friend… Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different {cauliflower curry}

Until this weekend, I hadn’t cooked a meal in my kitchen in eight whole days. It wasn’t intentional – a combination of guests, work, travel and the Third Annual Home Office Christmas Party… Continue reading

The Root of the Root {vegetable beef soup}

66 years ago today my mom was born and this is the tenth year I’ll be celebrating her birthday without her. In every single way I credit her with giving me my love… Continue reading

The Benefits of Prison {skillet chicken with olives}

I’ve never actually been to prison. I’ve been near a prison and know that I only live about 4 miles away from one, but I can imagine that if you really do it… Continue reading