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On Shrimp and Fate {shrimp marinade}

I believe that some people are dropped into the middle of your life by a higher power. Maybe it’s God. Maybe it’s your mom. Who knows? But one such person was placed in… Continue reading

Art {baked scallops}

You know those kinds of people who look at a Sol LeWitt piece and say things like, “how is that art?” or “I could do that”? Maybe they’re similar to the kind of… Continue reading

Last Night a Breadcrumb Saved My Life {pasta with shrimp}

The humble breadcrumb. Oftentimes relegated to the third in a three-step breading process or the tie that binds a meatloaf. Until recently, I had no idea a breadcrumb could affect me so deeply.… Continue reading

Make Up Dinner {grilled tuna}

I may have mentioned before that I’m not always the healthiest eater. I have my moments of weakness, like anyone else, where I’ll visit the household (my personal) candy drawer more often than… Continue reading

Fuel {grilled shrimp and tabbouleh}

This may be unorthodox, but up until recently, I believed that I ran my best on a pre-half-marathon dinner of burritos deluxe from our favorite Mexican spot. Not only did I not have… Continue reading